Understanding Exposure Types

Exposure type is related to the protection level of the doorway. Less protection over a door will require a tougher door to withstand the elements. Knowing how to determine the exposure type is an important first step in extending the life of your door unit.

Fully Protected Doorway

Fully Protected Doorways have a large porch and are completely covered by the front overhang where no rain or moisture can reach the door. Because the door unit is completely protected, the widest variety of door units are available for this exposure type.

Partially Protected Doorway

Partially Protected Doorways have mid-sized porches and an overhang, but only enough to protect the top half of the door. The bottom half is much more susceptible to water and moisture as the sun can break down the finishing seal over time by baking the bottom half of the door. This type of exposure requires specially constructed door units to help withstand the elements.

Unprotected Doorway

Unprotected Doorways offer no protection from the weather. There is is no overhang at all to protect the door unit from wind, snow, rain, and sun exposure. Most homes have at least one unprotected doorway so it’s important to choose a tough door to provide maximum protection from the elements.

Updated on March 17, 2022

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