How to Install the Therma-Tru Grip-Style Handleset

Tools Needed:

  • Exterior handleset
  • Foam gaskets
  • Interior handleset
  • Plastic screw set
  • Handle
  • Screws
  • Cap
  • Plastic bushing
  • Keys
  • 6mm Allen wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers

Step 1: Slide the foam gaskets into the handleset.

Step 2: Place the exterior handleset (1) into the door and tighten the plastic set screw (4) into the handleset with the 6mm Allen wrench (10).

One note about step 3: Take a set of needlenose pliers, grab the spindle, and turn it to the position you need. For a right hand door, the spindle should be turned to the left. For a left hand door, the spindle should be turned to the right.

Step 3: Take the plastic bushing (8) and line it up with the spindle.

Step 4: Take the interior handleset plate (3) and line up the grooves with the plastic bushing. Then, use a screwdriver (11), to tighten the plate with the screws (6).

Step 5: Place the gray plastic bushing (8) onto the handle (5), then proceed to push it into place. Remember to test the mechanisms and keys!

Step 6: Screw the decorative cap (7) into place.

Updated on July 8, 2024

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