Commercial Split Steel Frame

Commercial Split Steel Frames were brought in to accompany Reeb’s stock of Architectural Wood doors or Hollow Metal doors. Split Steel Frames are two pieces allowing for an easier installation but also a variance in size. When put together, they have the appearance of a double rabbeted frame. When finishing walls or replacing a unit, the exact size of the finished wall may not be known; split steel frames allow for an adjustment space to fit these walls.

Reeb’s Stock

Reeb’s stock of Commercial Split Steel Frames are a cold-rolled 16-gauge Powder-Coated Galvannealed Steel frame. The coating makes them easy to paint but they come already pre-finished. The frame, which wraps the wall, incldues an 18-gauge closure package for adjustments in the field. Reeb stocks multiple sizes of closure packages to accomodate from a 4″ to a 9-1/4″ wall thicknesses.

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To finish the look of the frame, snap-on 22-gauge steel casing is also available.

Frame Features

The frames are prepped for 4-1/2″ hinges and an ASA ANSI Strike, both to SteelCraft specifications (see table below). There is no deadbolt prep available and these frames will not use a sill or weatherstripping. They are inteneded to be an Interior Frame and should only be used in this application. Reeb’s Split Steel Frames can be rated up to 90 minute, but the final rating will depend on the remaining components in the system. All frames will include stick-on silencers and the necssary installation hardware.

Stock Frame SteelCraft Hinge and Strike Locations

Height Top of First Hinge Top of Second Hinge Top of Third Hinge Center of Bore
6’8″ 7-1/2″ 37-7/16″ 67-3/8″ 39-11/16″
7’0″ 7-1/2″ 39-7/16″ 71-3/8″ 43-11/16″


These are a Flange Type frame and is installed with a screw applied through the flange into a sheet rock or stud. Because of their installation and specifications, these frame systems will only be shipped knocked down, meaning that a strike jamb, a hinge jamb, a head jamb, and the associated closure packages will be sent as pieces instead of an assembled frame system. The Rough Opening necssary to use this frame can be found by adding 1″ to the nominal door width and 5/8″ to the nominal door height.

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4-7/8” ASA Prep

ASA Plate Adapter for Non-ASA Strike

Hinge Reinforcement and Closure Package

Steel Casing Available

Updated on May 14, 2021

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