Commercial Frame Head Size

In masonry construction, the standard height for blocks is typically 8 inches. This dimension becomes critically important when integrating a door into a masonry or block wall opening, as one must meticulously align the door’s height with the block dimensions.

6/8 Door Example

In the case of a 6/8 door, which stands at a height of 80 inches, it matches the height of 10 blocks. For a commercial door frame, the head jamb is typically 2 inches in height. This leaves a 6-inch space between the head jamb and the next block, allowing the use of a lintel for structural support. A lintel, serving as a horizontal support, can be crafted from diverse materials like timber, stone, concrete, or steel, and is placed atop a door or window.

7/0 Door

When dealing with a 7/0 door, the scenario alters slightly. This door, at 84 inches in height, corresponds to the height of 10.5 blocks. The lintel installation needs to align with the subsequent block layer. Utilizing a 2-inch head jamb results in a 2-inch gap between the top of the door frame and the lintel.

In an alternative approach with a 4-inch head jamb, the total height equates to that of 11 blocks. This configuration allows for the lintel to be positioned directly above the door unit, aligning seamlessly with the next layer of blocks. Opting for a 4-inch head jamb ensures an optimal fit between the door unit and the lintel.

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Updated on November 30, 2023

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