Reeb Finish PrismaGuard®

Handcrafted and professionally applied in a controlled environment, a PrismaGuard premium finish is built to last, giving you confidence and peace of mind. The premium finish undergoes rigorous testing with specialized equipment to help ensure it delivers a consistent high-end appearance with a low-maintenance coating that preserves the door’s color for years to come.

Reeb Finish Paint

A PrismaGuard finish is designed for optimal performance with Therma-Tru fiberglass doors. Doors finished with PrismaGuard will receive a dual top coat. A preliminary top coat seals the finish and enhances the color applied during the painting process, adding durability and sheen to the final product. A second top coat provides maximum durability and protection from the elements.

The door isn’t the only thing that can be finished! Reeb Finish Stain and Reeb Finish Paint can be applied to On-Guard composite or Solid Wood frames, exterior brickmould, or interior casing. Having a completely pre-finished unit makes install easier, but Reeb Finish also offers the option of a split finish. The outside of the unit can match the exterior while the interior can match your home’s design.

All finishes on fiberglass doors and On‑Guard™ composite frames feature a 10‑year limited warranty, while a finish on a solid wood frames is a one‑year warranty. Reeb Finish Stain is available in the 12 finishes while Reeb Finish Paint is available in 22 colors.

Click here to access the Reeb Finish Catalog and view our color offering.

Updated on April 11, 2022

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