Reeb Finish Process

Follow along as Reeb Finish prepares, finishing, assembles, and packages a door unit. At the bottom of the screen is a color, below is a summary of the steps taken during that portion of the video.

Grey: Order Process

Reeb manufactures door units and can create a beautiful doorway from raw components. Reeb’s customers are dealers who work with homeowners. The dealers have displays and catalogs to assist during the selling process and then can use an online configuration software to configure the door unit.

Red: Prep Area

The parts and pieces are picked based on the order – no pre-made door units are housed at Reeb. Every unit is considered custom made for the order at hand. The door is first mortised for lockset and hinges and then paint is applied to edges to seal them. Glass built into the doors is covered. The door is wiped down to remove dust and dirt. The same process of taping the glass and cleaning is also performed on the sidelites. At the same time, the jambs are prepped for the strike and hinges. Metal bars are attached to the top and bottom of the door for the next portion of the process.

Orange: Stain/Paint Area

In the stain and paint area, the doors and sidelites are loaded on the finishing conveyor. A base coat is applied and then dried as the components travel through ovens. A stain coat is applied and brushed into the grain by the Reeb Finish artisans. They compare the finish to a standard to ensure a similar color every time and help in giving the final product the look of real wood. The components travel through another set of ovens and then receive two top coats. These provide additional durability and protection. All components can have a split finish so the workers tape the finished side to protect the color. The door travels through the same process again with the other color.

Blue: Automatic Paint Line

The newest item in Reeb Finish is the automated paint line. It is capable of painting full doors or components. The pieces are placed on a conveyor and sprayers move back and forth to paint the items. After the paint coat, the components travel through ovens and to the next part of the machine which provides two top coats for additional durability and protection.

Green: Assembly

The finished components must be cleaned before assembly and the protection on glass removed. The door bottom and hinges are applied and the glass is thoroughly cleaned so the SDL (simulated divided lite) bars can be applied to the glass surface. The multi-point locking mechanism is installed in the mortise along the side of the door. Final machining is performed on the jambs and the hinge side jamb is attached to the door. Weatherstrip is inserted into the kerf on the jamb and the remaining jambs and sill are assembled around the door like a frame.

The transom frame is assembled, the glass laid and stopped in. The entire transom set up is attached to the door frame then stood up. The sidelites are placed into the frame and stopped into place. The entire unit is quality inspected and minor touch-ups applied; the unit is packaged and loaded on truck. Finally, the truck drivers deliver the unit to the dealer.

Updated on April 11, 2022

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