How to Complete the Door Unit After Install

Tools Needed:

  • Caulk Gun
  • Corner Pads
  • Screwdriver/Drill
  • Hinge Screws
  • Dollar Bill

Adjusting a Sill Cap

Step 1: Turn the screwdriver counter-clockwise to raise the sill.

Step 2: Using the Dollar Bill Method, check the resistance of the door. If the dollar bill comes out freely, than there isn’t enough resistance. If it comes out too hard, there is too much resistance.

Installing the Corner Pads

Step 1: Set a small bed of caulk between the sill cap and the jamb.

Step 2: Take the corner pad (Looks like a #7) and face the narrow side to the inside of the house. Remember to place it behind the weather strip.

Securing with Security Screws

Step 1: There are two sets of screws included with the door, one with a small screw head and a bigger one. These screws help to prevent door sagging with time. Test which screws would work well with your jamb. Those screws are the ones needed.

Step 2: Using a drill or screwdriver, drive the screws into the jamb.

Updated on July 8, 2024

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