How to Install the Therma-Tru Lever Style Handleset

Tools Needed:

  • Interior plate
  • Exterior plate
  • Foam gaskets
  • Screws
  • Allen wrench
  • Handle
  • Spindle
  • Keys
  • Key cylinder
  • Plastic bushing
  • Set screws
  • Lock spindle tool

Step 1: Slide the foam gaskets into the handleset.

Step 2: Take the interior and exterior plates (1, 2) and place them on the door. Next, screw the plates into place with 2 screws (4).

Step 3: Line up the notches on the spindle (7). Push the spindle into the handle (6). Using the set screws (11), tighten them using the Allen wrench (5). Place the plastic bushing (10) onto the spindle.

Step 4: Place the handle into the door from the exterior plate side. Next, place the final set screw (11) and plastic bushing (10) onto the other handle (6) and push the handles together. Tighten the set screw with the Allen wrench (5).

Step 5: Using the lock spindle tool (12), find the small opening and push down to line up the key cylinder (9). It has to all be lined up to be pushed into the handleset.

Step 6: Using the longest screw, screw the key cylinder into place.

Step 7: Make sure to test the keys and mechanisms.

Step 8: These handlesets are universal, meaning the handing can be changed. To do so, take pliers and pull out and turn the latches to the correct handing needed for your door.

Updated on July 8, 2024

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