How to Install a PanoLock Trim Set

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Screw gun
  • Interior lever handle
  • Exterior lever handle
  • Inside thumbturn
  • Deadbolt electronic keypad
  • Mounting plate
  • Large Phillips-head screws
  • Small Phillips-head screws
  • Battery pack
  • Adapter kit

Step 1: First, select the adapter appropriate for the lock brand and type being used. You can reference the Endura PanoLock+ website to determine which adaptor is needed for your handleset and deadbolt type. Click here to visit the website

Step 2: For this demo, we are installing an electronic lock, but the procedure is similar for a standard deadbolt. We are also using the Square Drive Adapter. Simply remove it from the adapter ring.

Step 3: Next, install the lock adapter for your door knob/lever/thumb press into the COMPOSITE side of the door. Align the tabs on the adapter with the outer slots in the drive opening. Then push it in, until you hear a “snap” sound.

Step 4: Repeat the previous step, with the deadbolt adapter.

Step 5: To install the electronic keypad for the deadbolt, feed the wire underneath, and line up the thumb turn into the slot of the adapter, and push into place against the door.

Step 6: On the inside of door, install the mounting plate by first running the wire through the lower-left notch, set in place on the door, and hand tighten the screws, lining up with the outside keypad. Then tighten with a screw gun.

Step 7: To install the inside thumb turn, insert the 2 wires by pushing together, and press the whole piece against the door. Then insert the 2 screws and tighten.

Step 8: Install the battery pack from the top pushing down, then install the cover the same way.

Step 9: Next, insert the exterior lever handle in the bottom hole on the outside of the door.

Step 10: Finally, insert the interior lever handle in the bottom hole on the inside of the door. Add and tighten both screws.

One final note: Sometimes the door latch may be orientated the wrong way for the handing; however, they are universal so it can be fixed. If it is wrong, the door can be easily pulled open without any effort and without turning the handle because the latch is reversed. To correct this, take an allen wrench, loosen the set screw, and pull out the latch. Turn the latch 180 degrees, slide it back in, and tighten the set screw back up. After closing the door, it should not be able to open without turning the handle.

Updated on July 8, 2024

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