4700 Series SVR Exit Device

The 4700 Series is meant for low traffic areas. If you need an exit device for a high traffic area, please view information about the 4500 series.

Surface Vertical Rod (SVR) Devices are used on outswing double swing applications, where the hardware will engage with the frame components and an astragal is not desired. For a Medium Duty application Hager has the 4700 Series SVR Exit Devices. Made with superior materials and with dead locking stainless steel Pullman type latchbolts, the 4700 Series Exit Devices provide necessary security and performance at economy pricing. Properly applied and maintained, Hager 4700 Series Exit Devices and Trim are backed by a five-year warranty and meet Life Safety codes and Fire Safety requirements. This pushbar can be cut down to accommodate a 2/6 door.

The 4701 model is available in two types: a UL Listed version with a fire-rated up to 3 hours, and a standard version. Both are available 36″ wide and either 84″ or 96″ in height in both Aluminum or Dark Bronze. It is capable of being cut down to accommodate a 2/6 door. The 4701 model pairs with the 47 series trim handlesets.

Additional Parts

Rod Replacement Kit

The rod replacement kit is a 47-1/4″ rod, rod guide, rod connector, and the appropriate fasteners.

Extension Rod Kit

The extension rod kit is a 24″ extension rod, rod connector, rod guide, and the appropriate fasteners.

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Updated on February 16, 2024

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