Roc-York Hinge

A Roc-York Hinge is a concealed hinge that can be adjusted three ways in the frame while the unit is installed for an even reveal all the way around the unit. It is used with the EzyJamb system.

Reeb stocks the EzyJamb system with the RY50 hinge, which holds 50kg. With two hinges, it will hold close to 110lbs; with three hinges it will hold close to 154lbs. If a more heavy duty hinge is desired, it can be special ordered but it will NOT fit the stocked frame. Along with a special order hinge, the frame must be special ordered as well.

Other Options

  • RY-45
    • 100lbs for 2 Hinges
    • 132lbs for 3 Hinges
  • RY-80
    • 176lbs for 2 Hinges
    • 228 lbs for 3 Hinges
  • RY-120
    • 265lbs for 2 Hinges
    • 308lbs for 3 Hinges

Hinge Finishes

Reeb stocks the US26D finish. Additional finishes can be special ordered which include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Stainless Steel
  • Satin Nickel
  • And more..

Updated on July 7, 2021

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