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Exterior Doors

Fiberglass doors won’t dent, rot, or rust and withstand a wide range of temperature ranges. Stile and rail construction is architecturally correct and provides crisp shadow lines and highly defined panel details.Steel doors are an economical choice when a budget directs the buying process. They are manufactured with either a wood or steel edge.

Interior Doors

Authentic stile and rail doors offer a level of detail and definition that cannot be matched. Flush or molded doors are created by joining two skins to stile and rail components with either a hollow core, a solid particle core, or a solid wood core .

Accessories, Parts and Other

Not all interior doors must swing so using bifold, bypass or pocket door hardware can create a different type of unit. For the outside of the home, aluminum columns or vinyl shutters can complete the motif.

Storm and Screen Doors

Screen door and storm door have long been used interchangeably, but there is a definite difference between screen doors and storm doors. Doors from The Combination Door Company may be either screen only doors or combination storm doors made of wood. Doors from Larson are considered storm doors and will either be aluminum or have a surface over a solid wood core.

Fypon Moulded Millwork

PVC products are intolerant to extreme temperatures and UV while also expanding and contracting. Fypon products are low-maintenance due to their closed-cell structure which resists moisture and insects. The can be cut, trimmed or shaped like wood using standard woodworking tools.

Residential Locks and Hardware

Sliding barn door units are continuing to be popular and for this the rollers and tracks are necessary. Adding a kickplate or changing the hinge, Barn door hardware can upgrade a current door unit. Locksets can have different functions and locking abilities but ultimately allow you to access each room in the home.

HBG Columns, Porch Post and Rail

HB&G has a full line of column options. There are the load-bearing options of PermaCast and PermaLite and the non-load bearing options of PermaWrap and PermaSnap. In addition, they offer a ceiling option, a railing option, and various brackets.

Rated Exterior Doors

Design Pressure (DP) is a numerical value rating which defines the structural wind loading requirements for a building, and components or cladding of a building, described in pounds per square foot. Essentially Design Pressure represents the wind load the door system can withstand.

Commercial Doors

Reeb’s Commercial Doors are stocked in Hollow Metal and Architectural Wood options. Both types can be fire rated up to 90 minutes in the proper frame; Architectural Wood doors are also available with a 20 minute rating.

Residential Fire Doors

RSP Series Doors are commonly referred to as the RF Series Steel Edge Fire Doors. These doors can withstand a 90 minute fire rating when hung in a split steel frame and are rated with a neutral pressure label.

Reinforced Light Commercial and Fire Doors

While some doors may be ok with just a bore, some may need a door closer or panic hardware. In order to use these, additional reinforcements are needed to ensure the door will stand up to the continual usage. This may include a non-rated or fire-rated Therma-Tru or RSP door.

Exterior Door Parts and Accessories

An exterior unit has many parts and pieces and sometimes these must be replaed. Items such as weatherstrip, corner pads, door bottoms, and rain deflectors can be ordered for when the current items wear down.

Special Order

Special Order is a great way to order completely custom products. By entering the details of the request, Reeb Customer Service will review the details then return the request for approval.

Updated on May 3, 2023

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