7436 Low Profile Door Closer

A door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door in a controlled manner. It helps prevent the door from standing open, slamming closed, or pulling open in strong winds. The most common examples can usually be found in schools, convenience stores, and a multitude of other smaller businesses and public buildings.

For a heavy duty application there is the 7400 Series Door closer. It features a back check and adjustable spring size thus being the ideal solution in a wide variety of applications, including barrier-free. This Grade 1 hydraulic surface mount door closer is both flexible and easy to install.

The 7436 Door Closer can be used with reinforced fiberglass and steel doors that have a lite insert or a door with a 4-1/2” Top Rail due to it’s compact design. The 7436 Door closer certified for ANSI Grade 1.

Click here for additional information on the 7400 Series Door Closer.
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Updated on February 16, 2024

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