Vented Sidelites

Therma-Tru’s® Vented Sidelites are a practical blend of beauty and functionality providing additional light and instant ventilation into any home while displaying the unobstructed elegance of the front door.
Door Unit with Vented Sidelites
Available in Fiber-Classic® and Smooth-Star,® each vented sidelite features multi-point locking technology and recessed strike plates for security while the convenient, removable screens (available in bronze and white) block debris and keep insects out. Only Therma-Tru offers vented sidelites with decorative glass design options. Venting sidelite frames are available with a FrameSaver frame for the added composite benefit at the bottom of the unit.
Vented sidelites meet the needs of modern homeowners by blending design, ventilation, and convenience that preserve the aesthetics of the entryway without sacrificing the enjoyment of a summer breeze. Reeb stocks all the parts needed for multiple configuration options and sill colors.
Lock Mechanism on Vented Sidelite
Vented Sidelite Lock Detail
Vented Sidelite Screen Detail
Vented Sidelite Screen

Updated on May 15, 2021

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