Veneered Jambs vs Solid Jambs

Note: Reeb no longer offers Veneered Jambs. This article will remain available as a reference.

Wood jambs are available as veneered wood or solid wood. Both of these options can be stained or painted, but there are a few differences between the two.

Veneered Jambs

Veneered jambs are crafted with multiple wood blocks that are finger-jointed and glued together. They are crafted into the jamb shape and then a thin veneer of the final wood species is applied to the exterior. It is a lower cost option for a jamb, especially with certain wood species. These jambs cannot be trimmed down in width because the veneer will be removed and the underlying wood will be seen. Veneered jambs should only be used when an exterior door unit is well protected from the elements, such as with a Fully Protected Doorway .

Veneered Jamb

Solid Jambs

Solid jambs are crafted from solid pieces of wood into the final jamb shape. These can be trimmed to accommodate various wall size. Solid jambs can be used with an exterior door that is in any Exposure Type as it will stand up to the elements.

Solid Jamb

Updated on January 24, 2022

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