Hollow Metal Reinforcement Options

While some doors can function adequately with just a bore, hollow metal doors often require additional hardware like door closers or panic hardware. To ensure these doors can withstand continuous use, they need additional reinforcement.

To reinforce the door, additional material is welded onto the back of the door’s outer skin, providing an extra layer of protection and durability. This reinforcement is essential for maintaining the door’s integrity when subjected to the forces exerted by door closers or panic hardware.

Door Closer Reinforcement

When a door closer is needed, reinforcement is typically added to the top section of the door. This extra support ensures the door can handle the stress of the door closer mechanism.

161 Prep and Reinforced for a Closer

Panic Hardware Reinforcement

For doors equipped with panic hardware, reinforcement is required in two key areas. First, the middle of the door is reinforced to accommodate the push bar of the panic hardware. Second, reinforcement is added to the top for the door closer. This dual reinforcement ensures the door remains sturdy and secure during emergency situations.

Reinforced for a Closer and Panic Hardware

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Updated on December 15, 2023

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