Exterior Jambs

Around the exterior of the door unit is the frame system. The frame system consists of jambs and mullposts.

Jamb Profile


A single or double door unit will consist of two side jambs and a head jamb.

A continuous door with sidelite(s) will include two side jambs, a head jamb and mullpost(s). The jambs and mullposts will have a kerf or cutout to receive the weatherstrip. They will also be machined for hinges and strike preps.

A door unit with boxed sidelites will consist of a door unit with two side jambs and a head jamb, plus individual sidelite units with side jambs and separate head jambs. The sidelite unit is mulled (attached) to the door unit.

Jamb Options

There are a number of different frame options available:

Updated on January 24, 2022

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