Commercial Door Louvers

Louvers are components that provide ventilation when installed in hollow metal or architectural wood doors. There are two main types of louvers: AFDL (Fixed Blade Door Louver) and FLDL (Fusible Link Door Louver).

Lovuer Types

AFDL Louvers

AFDL louvers are fixed in position to allow for ventilation but do not possess any additional fire-resistant properties. In other words, they cannot withstand fire scenarios.

FLDL Louvers

FLDL louvers are designed with slats that allow for ventilation. When exposed to elevated temperatures during a fire, these slats gradually become vertical and interlock, preventing the fire from spreading through the louver.

It’s important to note that when FLDL louvers are installed in Light Commercial RF Series doors, which have a thinner steel skin compared to Hollow Metal doors, the door’s fire rating is limited to 45 minutes rather than the usual 90 minutes. Additionally, louvers cannot be used in 20-minute doors.

Standard Layout Options

18″ x 18″ Louver
A-13″, B-Equal

24″ x 12″ Louver
A-13″, B-Equal

24″ x 24″ Louver
A-13″, B-Equal

Size AFDL Non-Rated FLDL Up to 90 min. Rating
18″ x 18″ X
24″ x 12″ X
24″ x 24″ X X

Please note that other size options and styles may be available for special order.

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Updated on December 13, 2023

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