Architectural Wood Doors

Architectural Wood Doors are available in two high-quality wood species: Birch and Red Oak. Both species feature a grade “A” 5-ply veneer that can be come unfinished for staining or come prefinished with a clear coat, allowing you to choose the finish that best suits your project.

Species Options

Unfinished Birch (Stainable)
Natural Rotary Grain

Prefinished Clear Birch
Natural Rotary Grain

Unfinished Red Oak (Stainable)
Natural Rotary Grain

Prefinished Clear Red Oak
Natural Rotary Grain

General Door Features

Architectural wood doors come with a range of features to ensure their functionality and adaptability. Each door is 1-3/4” thick with a choice of 20-minute particle core or 90-minute mineral core.

  • Prefit 3/16” in width and 3/4” in height
  • Beveled on the lock edge
  • Designed for Hollow Metal frames and work well with Commercial Split Steel Frames.
  • Not compatible with a Standard Exterior Frame due to undersizing
  • Can be prepped for options, including hinges, bore, flushbolts, and ASA strikes.
  • Machined to standard SteelCraft Specifications.
  • Custom hinge and bore locations are available upon request with specifications.
  • Prefinished clear options are available on 3068 and 3070 Birch and Oak sizes.
  • Extremely durable and easy to paint or stain.
  • Fire-rated for up to 90 minutes when used in double door configurations, with metal edges used to wrap the edges between the doors.

Core Options

Wood commercial doors offer a choice between two core materials: particle core and mineral core. Particle core doors provide sufficient structural integrity and insulation for many commercial applications. Mineral core doors, on the other hand, are known for their superior fire resistance and acoustic properties.

Particle Core Door Features

For those seeking specific technical details, here are the features of Particle Core doors:

  • meet ASTM D5456-09 and ANSI A208.1 standards
  • Stiles are 7/16″ wood laminated to 1″ SCL (Structural Composite Lumber)
  • Rails measure 1-7/16″ SCL (Structural Composite Lumber).
  • core is made of Particleboard with a density of 28-32 PCF LD1 Bonded.
  • Adhesive used is Type 1 (Waterproof) PVA (no urea formaldehyde) VOC.

Mineral Core Door Features

For fire-resistant applications, Mineral Core doors are an excellent choice:

  • Stiles consist of 7/16″ wood laminated to 1″ FPCM (Fire Proof Composite Material).
  • Rails are made of 1-1/2″ FPCM (Fire Proof Composite Material).
  • core is constructed with non-combustible material.
  • Adhesive used is Type 1 (Waterproof) PVA (no urea formaldehyde) VOC.

In summary, Architectural Wood Doors offer a versatile range of species, finishes, and features, making them suitable for a wide range of applications while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

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Updated on December 8, 2023

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