Ball Catch

Ball catches are a type of door hardware that are used to keep a door closed without the need for a traditional latch or lock. They are often used on interior doors that do not require privacy or security, such as closet or pantry doors. Ball catches are designed to be simple and easy to use.

A ball catch consists of two main components: a ball and a plate. The ball is mounted on the door and is designed to fit into a recess in the plate, which is mounted on the door jamb. When the door is closed, the ball fits into the recess in the plate, keeping the door closed. To open the door, the user simply pulls on the door handle, which pushes the ball out of the recess in the plate, allowing the door to be opened.

Ball catches do not require a key, making them a convenient option for keeping the doors closed. In addition, ball catches are also low-maintenance and durable, and installed with minimal tools and effort. Whether you are looking to upgrade your interior doors or simply want a convenient way to keep your doors closed, ball catches are a smart investment.

Updated on February 14, 2023

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