Concealed Magnetic Door Catch

The Precision Concealed Magnetic Door catch is recessed into the head jamb and the top edge of the door on the strike side. While the catch works as is, additional metal plates can be added to the catch. The more metal plates used leads to a smaller gap between the head jamb and top of the door and in return make the holding power stronger. Therefore, the catch can accommodate heavier doors.


  • Will never wear out because the magnets do not touch
  • Lifetime Guarantee (for magnetism)
  • Can be painted over if silver finish is undesired
  • No latch noise when opening and shutting doors.
  • Can be used anywhere a roller catch or ball catch would be installed
  • Completely concealed when door is closed
  • Can be used to keep “problem doors shut”
  • Catch is versatile and can be installed in many applications

Power Adjustment Packers

These cylindrical pieces are placed inside a cup and a magnet is placed on top, they’re fixed together with a magnetic cover plate. The more packers used, the more the offset of the magnet decreases, allowing for up to 85% more power than the standard application.

The magnetic plate cover plate protects the magnets inside from impact damage during installation. It helps with corrosion and also conceals the magnets for a more attractive finish.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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