Roller Catch

A roller catch is a simple and effective device used for securing interior doors.

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It consists of a small ball bearing roller that is mounted in a cup on the door and a strike plate that is mounted on the door jamb.

When the door is closed, the roller rolls into the strike plate, holding the door securely in place.

Roller catches are a suitable choice for lightweight interior doors that do not need a latch or lock and are ideal for doors that are rarely used or serve storage purposes. Advantages of using a roller catch includes an easy installation, making them a convenient option for DIY projects. Roller catches are an affordable and cost-effective alternative to other door hardware. As they don’t require a latch or lock, they are simple to use.

Installing a roller catch requires a few steps to ensure it’s properly fitted. First, measure the door and decide where to place the roller catch. Then, mark the spot on the door and drill a hole in that location. Next, insert the cup into the hole in the door and secure the strike plate onto the door jamb. Finally, place the roller into the cup on the door, and the installation is complete.

Updated on February 14, 2023

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