Comparing Interior Door Types

A house is filled with doors and there are advantages to each type. For example, Stile and rail doors bring the warmth or real wood while molded doors bring an alternative choice. This course will review the advantages and disadvantages of each door type as well as compare the primed door options.

Interior Flush and Molded Doors

Flush and molded doors have continued to grow in popularity in the recent years. They were designed to replicate the look and feel of a traditional wood door at a more affordable price. This course will look at flush and molded doors and their features.

Interior Stile and Rail Doors

Doors made with stile and rail construction have been around for centuries. Newer technologies have replicated this method of door creation, the details and definition do not compare. This course will look at stile and rail doors and their unique characteristics.

Interior Doors Overview

Every home has interior doors which can help maintain a design feel throughout. Choosing the design of the door is important, but so is knowing what size is needed and how it’s constructed. This course will discuss terminology related to interior doors and discuss the three common types.

Introduction to Reeb Resources

As an introduction to Reeb Resources, this course will cover our website, our catalogs, our additional resources, and our learning center.

Introduction to Commercial Products

As an introduction to commercial doors, this course will cover hollow metal doors and frame, light commercial doors and frames, and associated hardware.

Introduction to General Millwork

As an introduction to general millwork, this course will cover columns, outdoor products, door surrounds, mouldings, and railings. General millwork items compliment and accentuate a home.

Introduction to Interior Doors

As an introduction to interior doors, this course will provide an overview of Reeb’s stile and rail door offerings, flush doors, molded doors and more.

Introduction to Wood Doors

As an introduction to wood doors, this course will cover exposure types, wood door construction, door types, custom wood doors and many more topics.

Introduction to Fiberglass Doors

As an introduction to fiberglass doors, this course will cover premium and standard fiberglass doors, the glass types available and the Reeb Finish process.