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Why Buy A Wood Door?

Paul Ciccone walks us through the essentials of why a wood door might be the right choice for you. From price and customization to maintenance and durability, this video is a must-watch if you are considering purchasing a wood door.


When you have all these fiberglass door and steel door options available on the market today, why would anybody want to pay a premium and buy a solid wood door?  I’m talking about solid lumber and specially constructed wood doors.  When you buy one of these doors, you’re getting the real deal.  You get the design, the flexibility, and the benefits that come along with real wood.  And despite some of the mistruths out there, wood as a material can be extremely durable if constructed and maintained correctly.

One of the many attractions of a wood door is that every wood door is completely unique.  From their unlimited flexibility in design to their beautiful natural grain patterns, no two wood doors are ever the same.  Whether you’re looking to stain your door or paint your door, that beautiful natural look of real wood shows through and creates a truly memorable impression.  Let’s take a closer look at this door and point out some of the things I’m talking about.

A lot of the beauty shows through and speaks for itself but take a closer look at these rich, defined details around the panels.  This really makes a big difference when you’re standing back from the door in the overall appearance.  Also, take a look at the natural grains, and the stiles and the rails.  These are beautiful details that you can’t find in many alternative products.  Also, wood as a material is extremely flexible.  Wood doors are made from lots of different parts and pieces that can be pieced together with special constructions to make really interesting custom designs and sizes.  So in many cases, a wood door is not only an excellent choice, but it may be your only choice.

If you’re working on a project and only the best of the best will do, you need to pay attention to architectural correctness.  A stile and rail wood door is both authentic and historically accurate.  Remember doors have been built this way for hundreds of years, and using this method, you can build a door to match any style of home.  In some areas of the US, specific home owners associations will actually require for you to use wood doors to protect the historical integrity of a town or community.

When using wood, make sure that it’s built correctly and you’re maintaining it properly.  If you do this, it can last for a really long time.  Next time you’re in Philadelphia or Washington DC, pay close attention to the historical buildings.  Some of those buildings actually have their original doorways on the building and they’ve been standing for over 200 years.

With solid wood doors you get all of the benefits that go along with real wood.  Solid wood components join together to create ultimate strength and durability, while other non-wood products in the industry are filled with foam.  Solid wood isn’t the best of insulation values, but it is warm to the touch and does reduce sound transmission.  So why buy a wood door?  First of all, you’re getting the real deal.  You’re not looking for an imitation product.  You get the beauty, the strength, and the durability for a door that’s going to last you a lifetime.

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Updated on March 8, 2019

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