WaterBarrier Series

Included as part of the Performance Series® doors is the WaterBarrier® Series. WaterBarrier doors include a Primed Medium Density Overlay (MDO) which is a material that covers the flat exterior portions of the door.

Innerbond double hip raised panels are covered with a water-resistant primer.

Water resistant glazing beads and bars are used to create an exterior that stops water in its tracks. The interior will use a wood bar that matches the interior species.

WaterBarrier technology can be used on virtually any species to receive the highest protection on the exterior of the door while getting the unmatched beauty of a real wood door on the inside. WaterBarrier doors are stocked by Reeb in Fir.

First they utilize Ultrablock Technology which is a water-resistant composite block added to the bottom of both door stiles.

Second, they feature the Weather Seal process. The sides of the rails are covered with glue. Additional glue is also added to the holes for the dowels pins.

Finally, all Simpson Performance Doors stocked by Reeb come with a solid bottom rail. Solid lumber is very durable especially in this vulnerable area of the door.

By incorporating all three of these into a door, the entire bottom of the door is protected against moisture penetration.

The Performance Series® takes an amazing wood door crafted with impeccable details and gives it three layers of security creating a door with better durability. By also incorporating WaterBarrier® technology the door is created with the best durability that is suited for the toughest exposures with no overhand required. Beauty is important in any door, but a beautiful door is only worth having if it lasts.

Exterior side of a WaterBarrier Door

Interior side of a WaterBarrier Door

Updated on July 13, 2023

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