Surface Mount Bi-Pass Barn Door Hardware Set

Using barn door bi-pass hardware is a unique way to create a multi-dimensional sliding barn door system. While typical barn door hardware uses one track with standard hardware, a bi-pass application needs two set of hardware: a standard hardware set and track as well as a bi-pass hardware set and track. Additional mounting hardware is necessary as well as a built out soffit or a non-soffit spacer kit.

Reeb stocks hardware options that can accomodate 1-3/8″ or 1-3/4″ door thicknesses. Both sets of hardware are capable of holding a door that weighs up to 400 pounds. Recommended Ceiling Clearance on this hardware is 12”

Click here for bi-pass installation instructions

Click here for bi-pass spacer kit install instructions

Click here for a video on how the bi-pass hardware operates


The hardware set includes the following parts and pieces.

  • Straight Strap Bypass Hangers (2)
  • Track Stops (2)
  • J-Guide (1)
  • J-Guide Screws (2)
  • Grab/Push Stops (3)
  • Carriage Bolts (4)
  • Lock Washers (4)
  • Washers (6)
  • Washers (6)
  • Hex Lag Bolts (6)
  • Felt Pad (1)
  • Hex Nuts (4)
  • Spacers (6)

Updated on May 14, 2021

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