SteelCraft Hinge and Bore Locations

SteelCraft specifications detail where the hinges and bore should be located on the doors and frames. SteelCraft specifications align with the features of Amweld doors, which used to be popular in northeast territories. By stocking both the doors and frames according to the same specifications, they will perfectly match when assembling a unit.

It’s important to note that there are other specification types available, such as Pioneer, Ceco, and Curries, which differ from SteelCraft. If you’re replacing a door only, you need to be aware of where the hinges and bore are positioned on the door. A door from a different specification, like non-SteelCraft doors, will not fit properly in a SteelCraft frame. While it is possible to obtain doors or frames with other specifications, these would need to be special orders.

SteelCraft Door Specifications

Hollow Metal Doors are slightly smaller, being undersized by 1/4″ in width and 3/4″ in height. They come with a square steel edge and pre-machined hinge and bore locations. There is also an option for 161 Prep or RIM Reinforcement. Because Hollow Metal doors have a steel edge, it’s not possible to make adjustments to the hinge and bore locations on-site.

Architectural Wood Doors are slightly smaller as well, undersized by 3/16″ in width and 3/4″ in height. These doors have a beveled edge and are not pre-machined for hinge or bore locations. The door will be machined to SteelCraft specifications when used with a SteelCraft frame. However, it can be machined differently if another type of Commercial Frame is used.

Door Height A B C D
6’8″ 7-3/8″ 37-5/16″ 67-1/4″ 39-9/16″
7’0″ 7-3/8″ 39-5/16″ 71-1/4″ 43-9/16″

SteelCraft Frame Specifications

Hinge measurements are from the top inside of the head jamb to the top of the hinge.

Door Height A B C D
6’8″ 7-1/2″ 37-7/16″ 67-3/8″ 39-11/16″
7’0″ 7-1/2″ 39-7/16″ 71-3/8″ 43-11/16″
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Updated on December 15, 2023

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