Pocket Door Hardware Parts and Accessories

Pocket Door Adapter

Pocket door frames are stocked for 1-3/8”. A Pocket Door Adapter Kit is used to accommodate 1-3/4” thick doors. Only the 1500 Series can be adjusted for 1-3/4” door thicknesses. The adapter kit can be used with the 1125 ball-bearing hangers. The Pocket Door Adapter Kit is used on the #100 Series tracks. The kit acts as a brace and spreads apart the frame legs to allow for a 1-3/4” door to be utilized in the pocket door frame. To view installation instructions on this product, click here.

Pocket Door Guide

The Pocket Door Guide are used to help guide the door on the floor. This item is only the guide hardware and is generally used for replacement purposes if the hardware was damaged in the package or on site.

Pocket Door Guide and Bumper Set

Pocket Door Converging Kit

The Converging Kit will create a double pocket door application. It can be used with either the 2711 or the 1500 series and will join two sets together.

Pocket Door Ball Bearing Hanger

The ball bearing hangers will accommodate heavier door slabs. Can only be used with 100 series track (1500 Series Pocket Door Frame, 138F and 134F hardware).

Pocket Door Adjustable Wrench

Pocket Door Soft Close Kit

The Soft Close Kit will cause the door to close softly and not slam. This kit converts existing non soft-close pocket doors to a soft-close application. This system prevents pinched fingers, holds the door securely in place when closed and can be used in new or existing construction. Reeb’s stock of 138F, 134F and 1500 series pocket door frames and use this hardware.

To view the installation of this product, please click here.

Configuration Operation Number of Kits Needed
Single Door Soft Open 1
Single Door Soft Close 1
Single Door Soft Close AND Soft Open 2
Converging Pocket Doors Soft Close AND Soft Open 4
Bypass Applications Soft Close AND Soft Open 4

Pocket Door Privacy Lockset

The Privacy Lockset is for 1-3/8” thick doors.

Pocket Door Edge Pull

Pocket Door Pull – Passage #990

Pocket Door Pull – Privacy #991

Updated on May 14, 2021

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