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PermaCast Columns

PermaCast columns are manufactured from marble dust and fiberglass reinforced polymer. All PermaCast columns are fire retardant and have a lifetime warranty. They should not be painted a dark color.

Column Types

PermaCast columns are available round, square, or craftsman. Round columns are available with or without a taper and either plain or fluted. Square columns are available plain, with a recessed panel, or fluted.

Caps and Bases

Caps and Bases are decorative components that are used in conjunction with a column. There are many options of construction and shapes for Caps and Bases.


PermaPrimed is a new offering that allows for PermaCast Columns to be Primed by HB&G for a 20% upcharge. This process eliminates an installation step, which saves time.


Fluting can be added for an additional flare on the column. Stock fluting is part of the manufacture process. Custom fluting is available for round PermaCast columns and is milled after the column is manufactured.

Stock Molded Flute

Custom Flute – Special Order


Depending on the style of the column, some can be split to wrap an existing structure or be used as decorative trim work for the exterior of the house.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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