PermaCast Plus Columns

PermaCast Plus™ Columns are a new version of the PermaCast Columns. They provide better performance and have an even better impact on the environment. These new columns have a darker hue which quickly fades away when rubbed with a 120 grit sandpaper which helps to attain optimal paint adherance. PermaCast Plus Columns come ready to prime and paint, offer a consistent appearance, and provide larger load capacities with their lightweight material.

PermaCast Plus Columns feature a class A fire rating along with a lighter weight design for easier setup and installation. The columns are ideal for interior and exterior use. The appearance of our PermaCast Plus fiberglass columns can be customized to match even the most unique aesthetic with a low maintenance year-round use, making them perfect for any residential or commercial property.

Column Types

PermaCast columns are available round, square, or craftsman. Round columns are available with or without a taper and either plain or fluted. Square columns are available plain, with a recessed panel, or fluted.

Caps and Bases

Caps and Bases are decorative components that are used in conjunction with a column. There are many options of construction and shapes for Caps and Bases.


Fluting can be added for an additional flare on the column. Stock fluting is part of the manufacture process. Custom fluting is available for round PermaCast columns and is milled after the column is manufactured.

Stock Molded Flute

Custom Flute – Special Order


Depending on the style of the column, some can be split to wrap an existing structure or be used as decorative trim work for the exterior of the house.

Updated on April 29, 2022

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