Nantucket Joinery Options

The Simpson Nantucket Collection doors are the toughest wood doors available. All the components of the Nantucket door are solid wood. The stiles and rails utilize a two-piece laminated construction, resulting in a straighter and more stable stile. The stile and rails are joined with a modified mortise-and-tenon ensuring no stile and rail separation. There are two joinery options.

Standard Joinery

The standard joinery includes a hardwood tenon with face-driven pin that matches the wood species of the door.

Optional Joinery

The optional joinery features an oversized grip tenon and no face pins.


Nantucket doors feature a flat or double hip raised panel and have the choice to include a variety of glass options. Made from wood that is naturally moisture-resistant, Nantucket® doors are stocked by Reeb in 2 species: Douglas Fir and Sapele Mahogany. The Nantucket® Collection features the best durability possible with an unmatched character that can only be found in real wood . They feature a 10-year limited warranty and can be used in any exposure with no overhang required.

Updated on March 4, 2023

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