Metropolitan Collection

Note: Reeb no longer offers Metropolitan Doors. A comparable offering is the Nantucket with Optional Joinery.

All the components of the Metropolitan™ door are solid wood. The stiles and rails utilize a two-piece laminated construction, resulting in a straighter and more stable stile.

Innerbond® panels are created with offsetting grain patterns to provide extra strength to resist warping and splitting.

The stile and rails are joined by dowel pins.

They feature the Weather Seal™ process along the area where the stiles and rails meet, blocking water absorption and enhancing the glue joints.

The Metropolitan’s joinery replaces the face pin with a traditional dowel pin for a minimalistic look. This joinery does not compare to the Nantucket’s joint strength, but the door is still capable of being used in any exposure.



In addition to advanced durability they have exquisite detail and feature a double hip raised panel.

Some styles include a raised moulding applied on one side for an additional design element.

Made from wood that is naturally moisture-resistant, Metropolitan™ doors are stocked by Reeb in 2 species: Douglas Fir, Sapele Mahogany which feature a 5 year limited warranty. They can be used in any exposure with no overhang required.

Douglas Fir

Sapele Mahogany

The Metropolitan Series features the best durability allowing these doors to be in any exposure.

Updated on July 24, 2023

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