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How-To Re-install Therma-Tru MPLS Thumbturn and Cylinder

MPLS is the Multi-Point Locking System which secures the door to the frame or an astragal at multiple points. This locking system provides a better seal, and enhanced security for your home. Our Therma-Tru door offering comes with a Therma-Tru approved, multi-point locking system. It has tongues that pivot out into the frame or shoot bolts that extend into the sill and head jamb.

In this video, Therma-Tru provides a simple, step-by-step, tutorial explaining how to replace the thumbturn and cylinder within a multi-point locking system. Replacing the thumbturn and cylinder requires using tools that are not provided by Therma-Tru but may be easy to locate. Feel free to contact Therma-Tru with any questions or concerns about maintaining a door unit.

Please click here to go to Therma-Tru’s replacement parts page.

Updated on May 15, 2021

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