Commercial Weatherstrip

Weatherstrips play a role in sealing door units effectively, preventing unwanted drafts, moisture, and debris from entering. There are various types of weatherstrips designed to suit different needs. Adhesive applied weatherstrip is recommended for low traffic areas; if used in high traffic areas, it will require replacement over time. Screw-on weatherstrip is recommended for high traffic areas.

891S Set Frame Seal-Bulb Weatherstrip

The 891S is a screw-on weatherstrip making it a good option for high traffic areas. It can be used for exterior applications.

726C Perimeter Gasket Weatherstrip

The 726C is a press on smoke seal jamb weatherstrip. It is charcoal in color and used for interior applications.

802S Astragal/Frame Sealing Weatherstrip

The 802S is a nylon brush jamb or astragal weatherstrip that is applied to the door face. It is available in aluminum or bronze in 7/0 and 8/0 lengths.

890S Frame Seal-Bulb Weatherstrip

The 890S is a frame seal-bulb weatherstrip.

143 Meeting Stile Brush Weatherstrip

The 143 is a meeting stile brush weatherstrip that is mounted to active door edge.

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Updated on December 8, 2023

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