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The Polyurethane millwork process allows for the creation of many different types and styles of millwork material that is perfect for exterior or interior millwork applications. It is lightweight, paintable, stainable and almost impossible to differentiate from wood.

Chemicals are mixed together to create a high-density foam. This mixture is then poured into a mold and kept under pressure as it expands. These molds help ensure consistency in the millwork when polyurethane is being produced. Even intricate detail work can be created with the molds without the risk of having smaller details break or crack off when the mold is removed. Aluminum molds are made for high volume, repetitive products; rubber molds are used for lower volume products with high-detail; fiberglass molds are used for medium volume applications.

A coat of primer paint is sprayed into the mold. The mold is heated to dry the primer. Once the primer has dried, the mold is ready to be used. The urethane foam is poured into the mold, and then placed in a press. After the foam cures and hardens in the shape and details of the mold (about 15 minutes), the press can be removed in preparation for finishing the product.

The product is removed from the mold. Once the product is free of the mold, it can be inspected for quality and consistency. After quality inspection, product is given a second coat of primer. After the second primer, the product will be boxed, labeled, and shipped for use.

Backed by a lifetime limited warranty, Fypon products won’t warp, crack, rot or split, saving future replacement and maintenance. There is no stain or paint prep saving time and labor during installation. It is recommended to use Loctite PL Premium Adhesive (Part Number ADH1) as a bonding agent to the exterior or interior surface, followed by screwing or nailing to securely fasten for polyurethane products

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Updated on May 14, 2021

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