Fypon Classic Crossheads & Keystones

Crossheads are a decorative unit that goes above the door unit. The Classic Crosshead is measured to fit exactly over the unit and cannot be trimmed in the field.

This profile of crosshead can be paired with a keystone, dentil trim, or bottom trim. There are two types of keystones: a plain design and a design with a recessed panel.

The part number for the classic crosshead is WCHWWXH where:

  • WCH = Crosshead
  • WW = Width
  • H = Height

Backed by a lifetime limited warranty, Fypon products won’t warp, crack, rot or split, saving future replacement and maintenance. There is no stain or paint prep saving time and labor during installation. It is recommended to use Loctite PL Premium Adhesive (Part Number ADH1) as a bonding agent to the exterior or interior surface, followed by screwing or nailing to securely fasten for polyurethane products

For more information about Fypon’s products, please reference our in-stock catalog.

For additional information on adhesives, detailed installation instructions and finishing information, please reference Fypon’s website

Updated on May 14, 2021

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