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Flush Doors

Flush doors are an economical option for interior doors. They are manufactured by Steves doors company and are constructed using a mixture of wood and wood-fiber components. They feature a completely flat surface for a simple design option. They are available in a variety of wood species, most of which can be painted or stained.

Core Options

Reeb stocks three different core options.

Solid Particle Core (SC)

Solid, heavy construction – feels like real wood; Wood stiles for additional screw holding power

Hollow Core (HC)

Lighter weight, economic alternative; Wood stiles for additional screw holding power

Solid Wood Core (SCL)

Heaviest, most durable construction with structural composite lumber; Wood stiles for additional screw holding power

Flush Door Styles





Additional Flush Door Options

Flush doors can include a lite to create a different look

Style 14

Style 17

Style 18

Style 20

Style 21

Style 22

Style 24

Style 25

Style 28

Style 34

Style 37

Style 74

Style 105

Style 109

Style 142

Style 184

Style 186

Style 187

Style 303

Updated on November 10, 2020

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