Commercial Doors

Reeb’s Commercial Doors are stocked in Hollow Metal and Architectural Wood options. Both types can be fire rated up to 90 minutes in the proper frame; Architectural Wood doors are also available with a 20 minute rating. Any lites and louvers installed may reduce the fire rating though. The standard hinge and bore location will be to SteelCraft Specification – Hollow Metal doors are manufactured this way while Architectrual Wood doors are shop machined. Reeb offers commercial doors for both single and double door scenarios, with a fire rating option, or with reinforcements for panic hardware and door closers. Commercial doors can only be used in a commercial frame as their size is slightly different and will not fit into a standard frame.

Hollow Metal

Hollow Metal
6 Panel

Architectural Wood

Architectural Wood

Commercial Door Configurations

Commercial Doors are available in two configurations: Single Doors and Double Doors.

Commercial Door Handing

Commercial Doors are handed from the Key Side (Secure Side) of the door.

Single Doors

Double Doors

Updated on May 9, 2022

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