Reeb® Finish Aluminum Clad

Aluminum Clad is a new pre-painted finishing solution for jambs and brickmould which adds an attractive, clean look to the overall door unit.
Designed from an affordable aluminum coil stock, Aluminum Clad is formed to follow the contours and definitions of the jambs and brickmould resulting in a covering with highly defined moulding details. The easy-to-clean surface of the cladding has an appealing texture that requires no refinishing while maintaining its vibrant color.
Aluminum Clad Brickmould Detail
Aluminum Clad Texture Detail
Texture Close-Up
The sides of the brickmould covers are angled for a tight fit while the edges are hemmed, or bent over themselves, to provide rigidity. The clad pieces overlap, preventing moisture from accumulating beneath the cladding. Each piece is machine-cut resulting in a pleasing look to the edge of the cladding.
Aluminum Clad Close-Up
Brickmould Covering Close-Up
Aluminum Clad Secure Fit
Secure Fit
Aluminum Clad is used with FrameSaver products, which are designed to resist rot and decay by using a composite block at the bottom – the most susceptible area of the frame. Every unit with a sidelite is constructed with a FrameSaver Storm Door Ready Mullpost.
Framesaver Jamb
Framesaver Jamb
Framesaver Brickmould
Framesaver Brickmould
Framesaver Mullpost
Framesaver Mullpost (Storm Door Ready)
Installation is a quick and easy process. The door unit is secured in the rough opening, then the cladding is simply snapped into place over the jambs and brickmould concealing any installation holes. Finally caulk is appled at the seams to seal the unit from the elements.
Reeb Finish Paint Door Detail
A tube of color-matched caulk is provided with your installation kit to seal edges from moisture and create a unit with a complete, finished look, a tube of clear caulk is provided to seal the unit at the sill for moisture protection.
Reeb Finish Paint Door Detail
Backed by a 20‑year limited warranty, Aluminum Clad is available in the following colors which are trade‑matched to both Reeb® Finish Paint as well as Larson® Storm Doors.  
Bright White
Anderson White
Cozy Cottage
Sandy Beige
Anderson Terratone
Eldridge Gray
Actual colors may vary from pictures shown.

Updated on April 11, 2022

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