Aluminum Clad Installation

Installation is a quick and efficient process which conceals any installation holes. The door unit is received with the cladding placed. No matter the type of unit, 5 pieces must be removed prior to installation in the rough opening: the Head Brickmould Cover, 2 Side Brickmould Covers, and 2 Side Jamb Covers. The remaining pieces are factory applied. Once these pieces are removed, the door unit is installed with any fastener and secured in the rough opening.

If the unit has no sidelites, contractor-grade adhesive is applied to the jamb covers and applied to the unit. If the unit has sidelites, the jamb cover is slid into place behind a piece called the utility strip.

Adhesive is applied to the side brickmould covers and then they are attached. Once they are in place, adhesive is also added to the head brickmould cover and it is the final piece put in place.

To give the unit a weather tight seal, Quad Max color-matched caulk is applied along the joints of the aluminum clad. Quad Max clear caulk is applied where the Aluminum Clad and the Sill meat. Both of the caulk items are included with the unit.

Each removable piece of Aluminum Clad will have a label attached for ease of identification and in case reordering is necessary

Installation Support Videos

Single or Double Unit Installation

Sidelite Unit Installation

Updated on April 11, 2022

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