Aluminum Clad In-House Creation

All Aluminum Clad pieces are constructed in-house. Reeb has invested in equipment to automate our process while many competitors are still performing it with hand tools. By automating the process, Reeb is able to increase capacity, create more defined pieces, have a cleaner fit and finish, and manufacture a consistent product over time.

Reeb receives 24” x 50’ rolls of Aluminum Coils. Based on the configuration, large sheets will be cut down to side. For example a 1/0-3/0-1/0 unit will require 3 x 84” sheets cut to length

The large sheets move over to the next machine which cuts the end design into the sheet. This machine is what provides the clean edge cuts.

The length of the piece still needs to be cut so it goes to the linear sheer which cuts the pieces along the length with a clean cut.

Once the sheets are removed, they need to be bent to create the final profile. The press break creates high definition parts that work together to create the system. A piece of brickmould takes 13 bends to complete.

Reeb is able to complete this step either manually (which may take 4-5 minutes for a piece of brickmould) or through automation (which takes seconds for the same piece of brickmould).

Updated on April 11, 2022

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