7/4 Wood Inswing Sill

The 7/4 Wood Inswing Sill is an all-wood sill which can be a solid piece of wood or multiple pieces of wood glued lengthwise together. It can only be used for inswing units and gives a 6/8 unit a rough opening height of 82-1/2″.

Unit Capabilities


A 7/4 wood sill can be used with single doors, double doors, doors with one sidelite, and doors with two sidelites.


This sill is available as solid construction for 4-9/16” and 5-1/4” jamb depths. It is also available as multiple pieces glued together for 6-9/16” and 8-1/8” jamb depths.


This sill is available in Oak or Mahogany.


Sill horns can be created by up to 4″.

Replacement Parts

There are no replacement parts for this sill.

Updated on May 15, 2021

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