2021 New Products

2021 brings all new products to Reeb’s offering.

Classic Craft Repositioning

Classic Craft has a new look and feel with a new logo and text treatment. The hyphen between Classic and Craft is gone giving the brand name a more modern feel. The color palette has moved to a navy and gold with product line-specific font and text.

The doors within Classic Craft have been organized into three unique collections based on style. There is the Artissa Collection which is casual, relaxed, and simple; the Founders collections which is traditional, time-honored, and decorative; and the Visionary collection which is modern confident, and minimal.

The Artissa Collection is rooted in simple nostalgia. It pays homage to the handmade culture of Arts and Crafts and highlights the beauty of straight-forward design. The doors in this collection feature clean lines, shaker-styling, and craftsman-inspired glass. The Artissa Collection is a casual and welcoming approach to the entryway.

The Founders Collection is a revival of traditional styling. It honors the historic significance of classically inspired design with a more decorative approach to the entryway. The doors in this collection include curved and arched details and intricate glass designs. The Founders Collection provides a noteworthy entrance with enduring style.

The Visionary Collection is artfully inspired with a confident edge. It pushes the envelope of design for the next generation and focuses on a streamlined aesthetic with a modern flair. The doors in this collection have sleek lines, forward thinking designs, and minimalist details. The Visionary Collection creates an entrance that exudes confidence with bold appeal.

The previous collections have been renamed to focus on the grain. The Classic-Craft American Style Collection is now known as Fir Grain. A new premium wood grain exclusively for Classic has been added: Walnut Grain. The Classic-Craft Mahogany Collection and the Classic-Craft Rustic Collection have been combined into the Mahogany grain. The Classic-Craft Oak Collection is now known as Oak Grain. The Classic-Craft Canvas Collection is now known as Canvas Grain.

The Classic Craft Warranty is getting a change with this repositioning as well. Starting January 1st, all Classic Craft units are backed with a unique one-time transferable lifetime limited warranty. This means when a homeowner installs a Classic Craft premium entryway in their home and then sells that home, the next homeowner will also be covered by the lifetime limited warranty.

Classic Craft products with a PrismaGuard® premium finish will be backed by a transferable 10-year limited finish warranty. The balance of the 10-year limited finish warranty will transfer to a new homeowner upon sale of the home.

Classic Craft Walnut Grain

Therma-Tru has added a new grain known as Classic Craft Walnut. With roots from along riverbanks deep in the Eastern bottomland forest, the Walnut grain was crafted to reflect the prized hardwood of the mighty Black Walnut trees. This new grain capitalizes on the growing popularity of Walnut wood-grained flooring, furniture, and cabinetry with an on-trend look that customers demand. The Walnut grain features a horizontal grain with natural movement and is accented by delicate arches and cathedrals. The grain was created with AccuGrain® technology which recreates a look and feel that’s virtually indistinguishable from wood.

The Walnut Grain doors are flush doors that have a simplistic design, quiet confidence, powerful first impression. The design is engraved into the Walnut wood-grained fiberglass door skins, which is possible due to the premium fiberglass skin that is 46% thicker for increased durability and long-term performance. Flush doors without an engraving are also available. The doors feature a height trimmability of 2-1/2” for the ability to fit more openings.

Some of the door models include an L or R in the style number. This letter indicates which side is the hinge side.

For example, here is the CCW906L and CCW906R.

  • The hinge side of the CCW906L is on the left side.
  • The hinge side of the CCW906R is on the right side.

Reeded Privacy Glass

Therma-Tru has added a new privacy glass called Reeded Glass. This privacy glass features a vertical, linear texture for a modern look. The design provides ample daylight with visual obscurity for moderate privacy and is ideal for a wide range of architectural home styles, including Contemporary, Modern and Mid-Century Modern homes. It pairs well with Classic Craft, Fiber-Classic, Smooth-Star, Profiles and Traditions doors but is also available for Pulse doors with the option of a flat lite frame for an on-trend, modern aesthetic.

Reeded Glass has a privacy rating of 7 since the picture in the top left corner and the plant in the bottom right are still slightly easy to distinguish. It is available as a full and half lite in Classic Craft and in a variety of sizes for Fiber-Classic, Smooth-Star, Profiles, and Traditions.

Reeb will stock the Classic Craft Fir Grain full lite door and sidelite and the modern looking door and sidelite styles with SDL bars. The same is true for Smooth-Star – Reeb will be stocking the flush-glazed full lite Smooth Star door and the modern looking door styles with SDL bars. Some additional 3/4 and 1/2 lite options will also be available in both 6/8 and 8/0 sizes. A full lite sidelite is available for Fiber-Classic Mahogany and Fiber-Classic Oak as well as a variety of models with the full lite from Smooth-Star. All Pulse door options are available with Reeded glass in both 6/8 and 8/0 as are the matching sidelite options.

Common Arch Mahogany Grain Doors

Therma-Tru has released new Arched door styles within the Classic Craft line. The Mahogany grain arched doors combine rustic influences with exotic roots to build upon the rich history of one of the most renowned woods. They feature a subtle interlocking grain pattern derived from the finest African and Honduran Mahogany produced with AccuGrain® technology which recreates a look and feel that’s virtually indistinguishable from wood.

The Common arch doors were designed to create a continuous curve across the top of a double door.

The arched glass draws inspiration from European styling while the graceful curves offer classic appeal with thoughtful details. Deep panel embossments create the ultimate sense of refinement and a wide sticking at a straight angle adds an updated aesthetic.

The common arch doors were designed to mimic historic wood doors with flush-glazed designs and this creates an open feeling with clean design and larger panes of glass. The Mahogany doors feature a polyurethane foam core that surrounds the glass and a dual-adhesive weather seal creating improved energy efficiency.

There are two types of common arch doors. First there are the square top doors where the glass is arched at the top. Then there are arched top doors where the glass is arched. Reeb will be stocking the Square Top Common Arch Doors with Low-E or Granite Glass and the Arch Top Common Arch Doors with Low-E Glass Only. A new flat SDL bar has been added to the offering for an updated appeal; the SDL bars are made of the same material as premium Classic Craft skins.

Black Grilles Between the Glass

Therma-Tru has expanded their GBG offering with black GBGs.

Made to coordinate with black window grid patterns, black GBGs are available flat or contour. They are available with Low-E or clear glass and either flush-glazed or lip-lite.

Black GBGS are available with Smooth-Star, Profiles, and Traditions doors and sidelites.

Therma-Tru has a wide array of grid patterns available and Reeb will be stocking some of the options from Smooth-Star doors to sidelites to Profiles and Traditions doors and sidelites.

6/8 3/4 Lite Flush-Glazed Smooth-Star Door

A change is coming to the 6/8 flush-glazed 3/4 lite Smooth-Star door and sidelite. The current 3/4-Lite, Flush-Glazed, Door Sticking does not match the current 3/4-Lite, Flush-Glazed, Sidelite Sticking. The new 3/4-Lite, Flush-Glazed, Sidelite Sticking matches the door sticking for a cohesive look.

Current 3/4 lite
Door Sticking

Current 3/4 lite
Sidelite Sticking

New 3/4 lite
Sidelite Sticking

Therma-Tru has the door and sidelite available with Low-E and all privacy glass options and with multiple grid patterns. Reeb will continue to stock the door in Low-E glass but will be adding satin etch to its offering.

8/0 2 Panel Smooth-Star Door

The 8/0 two panel Smooth-Star door is undergoing a change. The door has been redesigned to meet ADA requirements by increasing the bottom rail size to 10-7/16”.

The redesign allows for the ability to insert a 22”x47” glass insert creating a one lite over one panel door style.

Different clear, privacy glass, divided lite, and decorative glass option are possible to create a new offering through Reeb’s stock.

Old Layout

New Layout

Fiber-Classic Mahogany Craftsman Door

The Fiber-Classic Mahogany door offering is expanding with a new door style. A new 6/8 Craftsman Shaker-Style door in available in the Fiber-Classic Mahogany collection. The recessed panels create a clean, casual aesthetic and the simple design offers an update to the historic style. The door features EnLiten flush-glazed glass – a first for FCM. Some models include a flat-profile SDL bar which complements the Shaker style. Along with the craftsman style there are also 2, 3, 4, and 6 lite configurations available in almost all privacy glass types. Reeb will be stocking all the door style options as well as two of the matching sidelites to create a craftsman style entryway.

Reeb Finish Stain – Acorn

Reeb Finish Stain featuring PrismaGuard is getting a new stain and losing another. Acorn is a new stain offering that is an updated take on light and medium brown tones.

While this fresh neutral balances between warm and cool palettes, Acorn is the perfect complement to a wide range of home styles.

Reeb’s stain offering varies slightly from Therma-Tru’s. Acorn has been added to the palette but Reeb still continues to offer 12 stains, meaning one of the stains is no longer available. After a closer look, Outback is no longer being offered by Reeb.

The new Classic Craft Walnut doors include a groove and for an additional accent the groove is painted a different color for a shadow effect. Reeb’s stain offering will use either Mocha Chip or Total Eclipse.

Primed Stile and Rail Offering Expansion

Additional styles and sizes are being added to Reeb’s Primed Stile and Rail offering. A new four panel raised door is coming as is a shaker style frit one lite. The three panel flat, five panel flat and clear shaker one lite will be adding sizes to round out the current offering.

RSP Fire Door Offering Expansion

A few new doors will be added to the RSP Fire doors offering. Coming is a new 5 panel 24 gauge raised panel, an 8/0 version of the 22 gauge flat panel shaker, a 90-minute birch flush door with a RSP split frame, and an 8/0 version of the 22 gauge 2 panel shaker.

Molded Door Changes

There are a few changes coming to Reeb’s offering of Molded doors. The Cambridge and Continental skins are moving to a traditional craftmaster looking skin, many 6/8 1-3/8” door specs are changing from a triple bottom rail to a single bottom rail, and all molded door names are changing.

The Cambridge door’s new skin is a close trade-match to the current skin.

The same cannot be said for the Continental. The new layout has a visible difference.

(Old on Right, New on Left)

(Old on Right, New on Left)

Along with the layout changes, there is a difference in sticking. The current layouts use an ovolo profile while the new layouts use a cove and bead profile.

Ovolo (Old)

Cove and Bead (New)

The 6/8 1-3/8” doors with a fiber stile currently have a single bottom rail. The wood stile hollow core and all solid core doors have a triple bottom rail. Steves has asked for our support to adjust to their standard single bottom rail. The hollow core door production becomes standard practice, and all 6/8 solid core doors through the Steves facility will use one core size. Supply will continue to be an issue for 2021 and this change will help to facilitate their production so we can get as many doors as we can. If field cutdowns are needed, the doors have to be ordered or rerailed in the field.

Reeb will be changing the names of all molded doors. Currently the molded door styles use Jeld-Wen names, but Steves agreement with Jeld-Wen will end at some point. Steves focuses on attributes and not names but our customer base prefers names for molded styles. To help in this transition, we will keep the same first 3 or 4 letters for recognition. For example, currently Cambridge is identified by CAMB, and we will continue to do so. This method is easy for our customers and easy for our customer service representatives. This is also a good opportunity to promote our molded doors.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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