Exterior Wood Doors

Wood has been used for doors for many years and continues to be a go to when customization is important.

Wood doors are an aesthetically pleasing option for many situations.

This course will discuss the different types of joinery and construction methods for wood doors.

Exterior Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors have become a popular exterior door option. They are 5 times more energy efficient than solid wood doors. This course will discuss the two types of fiberglass doors that Therma-Tru® offers – premium and standard fiberglass doors.

Exterior Doors Overview

Anytime you visit someone’s home for the first time, the first thing you see is their entryway. It is the focal point of design and beauty for the exterior of the home.

When choosing a front door, there are many terms used to describe a door. In addition, there are different types of materials available to choose from. This course will discuss door terminology, material types, and also take a look at design options.