Vlog – Primed Stile and Rail Door Sticking Options

In response to a question from Bo in Pennsylvania, Paul Ciccone explains how to choose the sticking for your door. He also showcases the sticking and panel options for Primed Stile and Rail doors.
Featured in this video:
  • PR8720 – 1 Panel Flat with Shaker Sticking (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR82R – 2 Panel Raised with Ovolo Sticking (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR8760 – 3 Panel Flat with Shaker Sticking (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR8744 – 4 Panel Flat with Shaker Sticking (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR8755 – 5 Panel Flat with Shaker Sticking (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR8055 – 5 Panel Flat with Ovolo Sticking (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR66 – 6 Panel Raised with Ovolo Sticking (Reeb Specialty Products)

Vlog – Aluminum SDL Bars for Fiberglass Doors

In response to a question from users of our guided selling system, 2g, Amanda Hergenreder explains aluminum simulated divided lite (SDL) bars. She also showcases new curved bar designs available using these bars.
Featured in this video:
  • RS2009 – 9 Lite Divided Lite Door (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • RS2010 – 10 Lite Divided Lite Door (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • RS4817 – 7 Lite Craftsman Divided Lite Door (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • RS2000SL – 6 Lite Craftsman Divided Lite Sidelite (Reeb Specialty Products)

Vlog – Primed Stile and Rail Glass Options

In response to a question from Elizabeth in Virginia, Paul Ciccone takes you behind the scenes at Reeb to explain the difference between Frit and White laminate glass. He also reveals 3 other glass options available in Reeb’s primed stile and rail door offering.
Featured in this video:
  • PR1501WL – White Laminate Glass (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR8001F – Frit Glass (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR8001 – Clear Glass (Reeb Specialty Products)
  • PR8490 – Clear Art on Satin Etch Glass (Simpson)
  • PR8423 – Waterton Decorative Glass (Simpson)

Primed Stile and Rail Glass Options

Adding glass in place of the panels in stile and rail doors creates a French door and allows light to flow through the home. French doors can accompany any home design and utilize either clear, privacy, or decorative glass.

Glass Privacy

Each glass type has its own level of privacy and this can be a big decision maker when choosing a door. This video gives a better understanding of how private each glass type is.

Design Options

Sometimes instead of one big piece of glass, a door with a divided look fits better in a home’s design. The primed stile and rail doors use true divided lite construction and 1-1/4″ bars to create this look.

As a note, when divided lite doors are not as wide, the number of lites or glass panes in the door go down. For example, a 10 lite door that is 1’6″ wide will only have 5 lites or pieces of glass. Shown below is a 3/0 PR8010 and a 1/6 PR8010 to showcase the difference.

Layout Options

Below are the design options as well as a close-up of each privacy and decorative glass style.

Clear Glass

Clear glass allows the most light through and is the least private.


Clear Glass Close-Up



PR8018 (8/0)

PR8012 (8/0)

Privacy Glass


Frit glass is a single pane of glass with a texture on one side The non-textured side will have a shiny appearance.


Frit Glass Close-Up



PR8018F (8/0)

PR8012F (8/0)

White Laminate

White laminate glass is made of two panes of glass with a white laminate layer in-between. Both sides of the glass will be shiny.


White Laminate Glass Close-Up

Decorative Glass

Clear Art on Satin Etch

While the majority of the glass is satin etch, an art design is included with clear glass.


Clear Art on Satin Etch Glass Close-Up


Waterton glass is comprised of different types of privacy and beveled glass which are held together by black caming.


Waterton Glass Close-Up

Therma-Tru® Impact-Rated Products

Protect your home against severe storm damage, such as heavy winds, rain and flying debris, with Therma-Tru’s impact rated doors and glass. You’ll get the high performance you need without sacrificing beauty.

Therma-Tru® Enliten Flush-Glazed Designs

Therma-Tru believes your door should always welcome you home – while playing seamlessly into your style. The EnLiten flush-glazed designs create striking profiles that effortlessly combine indoor and outdoor living spaces, inviting in more natural light than ever. The possibilities are endless, giving you doors that perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Therma-Tru® – Why Fiberglass ?

Fiberglass doors look like wood, but they don’t warp or rot like wood, or dent or rust like steel. In fact, a fiberglass door needs only a fraction of the maintenance wood and steel doors do. And the inside of a Therma-Tru fiberglass door is filled with an exceptional heat- and cold-resistant material that helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Therma-Tru® Stain and Paint Finish

Bring out the beauty of your Therma-Tru door with stain or paint. Whether you want to do it yourself or leave it to the professionals, Therma-Tru offers solutions to create the look you want, inside and out.

Therma-Tru® – How to Select a Door

Your front entryway is one of the biggest style statements your home can make. So, whether you’re building new or remodeling, you want to feel confident you’ve selected the perfect style for you. Therma-Tru designed their products with such a wide variety of styles and configurations that you’re sure to find several that you love. How to choose? They’ll guide you through some of the style factors to consider in designing your new door.

Therma-Tru® Entry Door Systems

The architectural beauty of a Therma-Tru door is easy to see. But a Therma-Tru door with genuine Therma-Tru components is more than a beautiful door — it’s a complete door system. One that offers uncompromising quality, inside and out. The components used to assemble your door aren’t the first things you think about when you’re designing your new entry, but they matter when it comes to durability and reliability. The door(s), glass and components of a Therma-Tru door system are engineered to work together to resist leaks and drafts, and help maintain energy efficiency and weather resistance. So you get a door that performs as exceptionally as it looks.