Standard Fiberglass Economy Exceptions

Therma-Tru’s Tru-Guard composite technology is a great feature of Reebs Fiber-Classic and Smooth-Star doors. Unfortunately, Therma-Tru is not able to manufacture all doors with this technology. The doors listed below will only come as a wood-edge product. Therma-Tru is working to craft all their doors with Tru-Guard and this list will be updated when that happens.

  • 2668: FC2100, FC2150, FC2100-LE, FC2150-LE, S2100 1-lite and SDL, S2150, S2100-LE (SDL), S2150-LE
  • 2868: S1100
  • 21068: S1100
  • 3068: S1100
  • 3668: S100, S8100
  • 21080: S81100
  • 2880: S81100
  • 3080: S81100

Updated on May 15, 2021

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