Standard Barn Door Hardware Accessories


The Standard Barn Door Tracks are available in 4’, 5’, 5’4”, 6’, 7’, and 8’. The length needed is dependant on the configuration or set up of the hardware. For example, a standard barn door will need a track that is 2 times the length of the door (i.e. a 3’ door will need a 6’ track). Tracks are predrilled for bolts in various locations depending on length of track. Tracks will work with either Top Mount or Surface Mount Options.

Sidewall Bracket

The kit includes the bracket and 2 machine screws.

Connecting Plates

A Connecting Plate is used when the track length needs to be longer than Reeb’s standard offerings. Keep in mind this is needed when hanging a door more than 4’ wide or when creating a bi-pass system.

Adjustable U Guide

The Adjustable U-Guide can be a door guide which will be installed into the floor. It can be used in place of the T-Bar. This option is easier to install and does not require the door to be prepped in the field, as the T-Bar does.

Floor Guide – T-Guide

The Floor guide is installed on the floor will run in a channel routed out of the bottom of the door. Reeb’s shop preps for this item. The guide includes 2 screws and can be used in place of the Adjustable U-Guide.

Wall Extensions

The Wall Extension parts are used to extend the track from wall to clear the interior casing. The set includes 6 lag bolts, 1/2” wall spacers, and fender washers. Wall Extension Installation information is in the Hardware Installation Instructions. The 1/2” Standard Wall Extensions are for 1-3/8” Door

Wall Mounting Hardware Kit

The Wall Mounting Hardware kit includes all the hardware necessary to mount the track. The kit includes 6 lag bolts, wall spacers, and fender washers.

Pull Handles

Pull Handles are mounted onto one side of the door and sit away from the face of the door.

Flush Pulls

With bypassing barn doors or a door that slides against a wall, standard door pull handles could get in the way. The flush pulls provide a stylish alternative that stays clear of the door path. This handle needs to be recessed into the face of the door. This is done on site at the moment. Installation instructions are provided with flush pull.

Privacy Latch

Goldberg’s optional privacy latch offers a sturdy, simple solution for keeping the door closed. This latch can be mounted either on the door or on the wall, depending on how the door is installed and which side of the door you want to keep private. It does not require a key and it can be overridden in an emergency.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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