Removing Black Tape on Flush-Glazed Doors

Flush-glazed doors have the glass built directly into the door with a high-performance dual adhesive weather seal. Also included is a black tape around the edge of the glass which provides a clean sight line and prevents finish weep. Once you finish your door, you can remove this black tape.

First, you want to grab a pair of gloves for safety. Using a sharp tool, cut through the tape along the edge of the glass.

Once all the tape has been cut, peel the tape away from glass. Finally, clean off any remaining tape residue with adhesive remover. Of course, you will want to repeat on the other side.

One last piece of advice – take your time when cutting the black tape. If you rush this step, you could see jagged edges. Once the tape is fully removed, it is time to install the door and enjoy your new entryway.

Updated on June 17, 2022

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