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Premium Fiberglass Door Construction

Therma-Tru’s Classic-Craft Collection Doors are a Premium Fiberglass Door. They have a unique construction with five key factors that help give the appearance and feel of a real wood door.

  1. Enhanced Weather Resistance – No more worries about rotting, warping or twisting. Classic-Craft premium entryways are tested and designed to resist extreme weather conditions and the damaging effects of moisture. Both the top and bottom of the door are protected by composite rails for a longer-lasting entryway.
  2. Solid Security – Classic-Craft premium entryways feel solid and close with authority. A 4″ wide beam of engineered lumber runs from the top to the bottom of the locking side of the door to add mass and rigidity, giving the door weight and a natural wood feel.
  3. Excellent Durability – Built to stand up to the elements and years of wear, Classic-Craft’s fiberglass skins are thicker than other standard fiberglass doors to provide added durability and better long-term performance.
  4. Higher R-Value – Classic-Craft premium entryways contribute to an energy-efficient home. A polyurethane foam core provides up to four times the insulating R-Value of wood.
  5. Edge-to-Edge Moisture Protection – Resist moisture at every turn – and along every edge. Classic-Craft premium entryways have hardwood and composite edges that help prevent moisture penetration.

Classic-Craft doors are made of different parts and pieces which surround a polyurethane foam. This includes top and bottom rails, a hinge and lock stile, and the door skins.

An impact door will also include an impact plate made of steel to provide additional protection and security.

Updated on May 13, 2019

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