Neuma Hinged Patio Doors

Note: Reeb no longer offers Neuma Patio Doors. This article will remain available as a reference.

Neuma Hinged Patio Doors offer incredible safety, visibility, durability and ease of maintenance. Hinged doors can either be center hinged or double hinged.

Center Hinged (DFP-RS and DFP-SL)

Double Hinged (DFP-LP and DFP-PR)

Double hinged patio doors feature a double astragal for additional control against the elements. Center hinged patio doors feature a durable aluminum mullpost covered with a composite mateial to help the unit qithstand strong winds and heavy rains. Frames are made of composite material with a smooth exterior and interior finish.

Reeb offers the Center Hinged Patio Door with a Standard Lockset which includes a Lever Handle and deadbolt combination, and the Double Hinged Patio with the enhanced performance Multipoint Lockset. Reeb stocks the Royal Series Lock design. Accessories are packaged with each unit and includes Satin Nickel Finish locking hardware, hinges and strikes.

Updated on March 9, 2022

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