NAMI Certification

The Structural Design Pressure Certification Program involves applying a label from the National Accreditation & Management Institute (NAMI) to the certified door unit. NAMI maintains the certifications for each company. Each applicable Reeb location has their own labels so it can be tracked which location produced the unit. In order to apply the label, the assembly shop must be trained on and duplicate the assembly method used by the testing facility. Even if a unit construction seems to be “better” than the construction that was tested, it cannot be certified until additional testing occurs.

NAMI Label

NAMI certified Structural Performance Label provides Design Pressure information for the building code inspector. NAMI is in possession of the test reports to support these performance claims. The manufacturer is affirming or promising that the door unit will perform to the designated design pressure. If it is not a fire rated door, the label will be placed approximate 12” down from top of door on hinge stile. If it is a fire rated door the NAMI label will be placed under the fire door label.

Updated on May 15, 2021

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